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New Solutions

SP Series Speakerphone

The Sennheiser speakerphones feature dual talk for natural conversation and are for personal & small group conferences.

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D 10 Series Wireless Headsets

Premium single-sided wireless DECT headsets that connect directly to a desk phone or a softphone/PC.

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Genesis GenAlert provides users with real-time 911 emergency notification for Avaya IP Office, CS 1000 & Meridian sys...

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MB Pro Series Wireless Headsets

Bluetooth® headsets feature headband wearing style & pair with both a soft client & mobile device.

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Ascom Myco

Purpose-built smartphone for healthcare - giving caregivers & clinicians the information they need where it matters most

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Gamma Telecom SIP Trunking

SIP trunks can offer significant cost-savings for enterprises by consolidating voice, data and other communications t...

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The LumenVox Speech Recognizer

A software solution that converts spoken audio into text, providing users with a means of input and interaction with ...

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at&t SIP Trunking

Consolidating voice, data and other communications tools on a single network cuts operating costs by reducing the tim...

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