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New Solutions

agent Series Wired Headsets

For offices and call centres of all sizes & personnel capacity. Premium quality, the latest technology, and very affo...

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Bell Canada SIP Trunking

SIP trunks can offer significant cost-savings for enterprises by consolidating voice, data and other communications t...

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SharpDial Call Accounting Solution

SharpDial call accounting software gathers the wealth of information from a communications system and transforms the ...

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Message Migration

A fast & seamless method of migrating to a new voice messaging platform while preserving all existing messages

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Converts voice messages to text for reading on smartphones, tablets & computers, eliminating the need to login & listen

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SP Series Speakerphone

The Sennheiser speakerphones feature dual talk for natural conversation and are for personal & small group conferences.

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Verbio Speech Recognition

Robust speech recognition solution providing accurate and reliable results in real time.

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Genesis GenAlert provides users with real-time 911 emergency notification for Avaya IP Office, CS 1000 & Meridian sys...

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