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New Solutions

agent Series Wired Headsets

For offices and call centres of all sizes & personnel capacity. Premium quality, the latest technology, and very affo...

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SIP Phones for Hospitality

SIP Phones targeted to support the healthcare, hospitality and travel industries.

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iTurret - Advanced SIP Communications

iTurret provides high capacity call handling and collaborative, unified communications to mission critical voice mark...

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CallScripter Delivers Intuitive Agent Scripting

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D 10 Series Wireless Headsets

Premium single-sided wireless DECT headsets that connect directly to a desk phone or a softphone/PC.

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Mediant 3000 VoIP Media Gateway

The Mediant 3000 offers versatile connectivity between TDM and VoIP networks, and supports a wide variety of qualifie...

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Eclipse CMS

A sophisticated call logger that will report on cost, performance, utilisation and QoS.

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Verizon SIP Trunking

We own one of the largest IP networks in the world, linking 150 countries on six continents.

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